Healing Words™ - Writing Your Way Through Life Transitions -6 Week Workshop

Friday, January 05 2018, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM [EST]

1930 N. Salem Street, Apex, NC, 27523, United States

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Friday, January 05 2018, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM [EST]

Smiling Spirit Pathways, 1930 N. Salem Street, Apex, NC, 27523, United States.

"With every change, loss is its partner. " ~Cherie L. Spehar

Healing Words TM Workshop Facilitator


Often, our most difficult turning points leave us feeling helpless, powerless and alone.  Every change, even those seen as positive, can still leave us overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions.  Many turn to journal therapy or writing, but are unsure of where to start.  Join this weekly group to assist you in finding your way through endings, navigating the troubling "neutral zone", and discovering the light of new beginnings in a safe, warm and nurturing environment.  We will also include elements of other expressive therapies to deepen your experience and broaden the discovery of your personal resources.


Past participants have told us:


"I had no idea what a facilitated journaling group would be like...this was something more wonderful than I could have imagined, more empowering than anything I've tried, and something I will never forget."


"You taught me to realize that journaling was not only writing down my random thoughts.  You opened my eyes to a new way of healing that I will use for the rest of my life."


"Who knew that journaling could be so powerful?"


"I was talked into this class,  I didn't think writing would ever be for me.  Now I've learned how to find clarity, even tranquility, when I am trying to figure out my life."


"It's more than words.  It's healing on a page."



If this sounds appealing, we'd love to have you join our journaling path for a 6 week experiential group every Friday evening from 5:30pm to 7pm, where you will learn about writing through transitions, special journaling activities and prompts, and be coached through life changes with a skillful and compassionate therapist.  Much different than a group therapy experience, you will experience a unique learning environment fostering mindfulness, self-compassion, and growth. 


Light refreshments, water, coffee and tea will always be waiting for you.  Smile




How will this help me, and what can I expect?

  • If you are experiencing any sort of life transition (loss, grief, moving, job change, new parent, change in family life cycle, identity adjustment and more), this class is for you.
  • Dedicated time to engage in therapeutic writing activities in a soothing, supportive environment.
  • Quick, accessible, proven tools to help you navigate change.
  • Sharing of content that you write is OPTIONAL.  We focus on the process of change, what that feels like with therapeutic writing,  and navigating that in a healthy way.
  • This is NOT a support group, but it IS an experience and process designed to support you in the changes you are facing. 
  • Additional supportive expressive activities that aid as jumping off points for your writing.
  • Attention given to emotional and spiritual wellness.
  • Integration of specialized creative experiences designed to assist you in accessing your resilience and capacity to thrive.
  • You will learn adaptive and coping techniques that will carry you through any future life change.
  • Strengthen your sense of self-image and self-value. 
  • Learn how to practice mindful self-compassion through writing.
  • Come away with a renewed sense of self, commitment to wellness, and mindful writing techniques that will support a long term Life Lens of self-worth and empowerment.



Dates of sessions are:


This class has a history of filling quickly and we limit the number of participants to ensure the best learning and growing experience.  Don't delay in reserving your special space in this much-loved workshop!

Smiling Spirit Pathways LLC - Cherie L. Spehar, LCSW, CTC-S, RPT-S


Cherie L. Spehar is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Facilitator, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, and Certified Trauma Consultant-Supervisor in Apex, NC. A clinician since 1994, she has dedicated her life to the well-being and healing of children, women and families. With her extensive clinical background, her professional path has found her in longstanding roles such as Executive Director of The Child Abuse Prevention Center in Raleigh, NC and Training Coordinator and Developer with the North Carolina State University Social Work Department. Now, she can be found as Founder, Director, and Lead Clinician at her recognized trauma-informed agency, Smilng Spirit Pathways, where she has developed a haven for consultation, training, child and family therapy, and trauma services. Cherie is an engaging, approachable, sought after presenter and trainer, and travels often to provide presentations and trainings locally and nationally on working with traumatized children and adults.

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